Karcher HDS 7/10-4 M

Current type (Ph/V/Hz): 1 / 240 / 50
Flow rate (l/h): 350 – 700
Operating pressure (bar/MPa): 30 – 100 / 3 – 10
Max. temperature (°C): 80 – 155
Power rating (kW): 3.4
Consumption fuel oil (kg/h): 4.6
Power cable (m): 5
Fuel tank (l): 25
Weight (kg): 155
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 1330 x 750 x 1060


Easy Press and Servo Trigger Gun
10 Metre Long Life High-Pressure Hose
1050mm Spray Lance
Power Nozzle
SDS System

Karcher HDS7/10-4M Part Number:  1.077-411  (10774110).

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Kärcher’s new single-phase HDS hot water cleaners reach new levels of performance, reliability and economy. With innovative new features such as the ECO mode, offering fuel savings of up to 20% without compromising cleaning performance, the new HDS range provides our customers with the toughness, cleaning power, and low running costs they demand.



The hot water high-pressure cleaners of the new middle- and super-class convince with their 6 main features.

1. Environmental protection
Greater efficiency with the new ECO mode, service switch for controlling water hardness, turbo fan, precision detergent metering, optimized burner technology and a high-efficiency pump.

2. User friendliness
This is ensured by a central, clearly arranged control panel designed for intuitive operation, a spray lance holder, LED display, an integral, low-friction hose reel for 20 metres hose that swivels through 180°, and much more.

3. Cleaning performance
Highly efficient cleaning is guaranteed by patented nozzle technology, ceramic pistons, turbo fan as well as increased pump efficiency. Accessories are optimized for specific applications and designed to exactly suit customer requirements.

4. Mobility
The mobility concept features one caster, large rubber-tyred wheels, ergonomic handles, lifting points for handling with a forklift, lashing rings and a recessed tread for tilting the machine to guarantee maximum manoeuvrability.

5. Reliability
Guaranteed by flue gas monitoring, a corrosion-proof, flexurally stiff, robust chassis, machine protector system, three-piston axial pump with ceramic pistons, heat resistant flue outlet, and much more.

6. Service friendliness
Easy access to all components that require servicing and a service switch to call up operating data at any time for troubleshooting.

For medium-sized shops and automobile business
For car washes
For chassis washing
For engine washing
For the pre-wash in car washes
General cleaning tasks in the industry, municipalities and agriculture

Features & Benefits
The new ECO mode
In the ECO mode the machine operates in the most economical temperature range (60°C) and at the maximum water flow rate. Compared to full-load operation at 80°C, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 20% by optimizing burner operating cycles.

Service switch
The service switch offers a choice of five settings to suit local water hardness. This allows optimum metered quantities of descaler and corrosion inhibitor to be added. And it prevents the build-up of limescale on the heater coil. Furthermore, operating data (machine service) can be called up at any time.

Easy Press and Servo Control
The Easy Press trigger gun significantly reduces holding and operating effort.
The precise Servo controller allows the user to adjust the water flow rate and operating pressure directly on the trigger gun.

Three-piston axial pump
The new, optimized pump is characterized by particularly high efficiency and a long service life.

Ceramic pistons
The three pistons of the axial pump are made of hard, wear-resistant ceramics. This guarantees an exceptionally long wear life.

Detergent switch
The detergent switch is used to select the exactly metered quantities required from the detergent tanks. In the ‘O’ position (feed off), the system is rinsed clear with fresh water.

4-pole motor
The main features of the 4-pole low-speed motor are its longevity and low noise level.

Control panel
The controls and LED indicators on the new Kärcher medium and super class hot water high-pressure cleaners are clearly laid out and designed for intuitive operation.

Defined lifting points for forklift
The new generation of high-pressure cleaners has defined lifting points for handling with a forklift truck – ideal for loading and unloading.Lashing rings
Defined rope attachment points for safe transportation in a service vehicle.

Sturdy large diameter wheels with rubber tyres and caster guarantee trouble-free manoeuvrability. This is enhanced by the ergonomic handles, which are suitable for pushing or pulling the machine.

Tilting aid
The tilting aid enables the machine to be raised at the front to overcome obstacles such as steps, for example.

Flue gas temperature sensor
The flue gas temperature sensor inside the flue shuts off the machine when the flue gas temperature exceeds 300°C. This ensures greater safety for both the machine and the operator.

The chassis is made of corrosion-free plastic. It has an all-round bump guard and built-in fuel and detergent tanks.

Fine mesh water filter
The fine mesh water filter upstream of the float tank traps suspended matter and protects the high-pressure pump from impurities.

SDS Soft damping system
The SDS soft damping system compensates for pressure surges in the high-pressure system and prolongs the life of all high pressure components (e.g. heater coil).

Low fuel cut-out
The unit shuts down automatically when the tank is empty.

Machine Protector Adaptation
The new machine protector system protects heater coils against the build-up of limescale. The cleaning agents in the machine protector Advance series are formulated to protect and maintain the whole machine. The practical 1-litre bottles are inserted in their integral holders and the high-pressure cleaner immediately identifies the care product being used. New to the range is a care additive for the high-pressure pump which also protects it against black water contamination (rust in heater coil due to very soft water).

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